How to bring pictures back to life - 3D photo frame
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How to bring pictures back to life – 3D photo frame

How to bring your pictures back to life
TWO in ONE 3D photo frame


For this DIY you need few things which is given below:-

  • 1) Two pictures of the same size
  • 2) A thick Paper
  • 3) Scissor
  • 4) Ruler
  • 5) Pencil
  • 6) Glue
  • 7) Double side tap
  • 8) One unused photo frame

          Start by measuring the inner side of the frame and print out an image accordingly, than take the paper and cut double size of the frame by length, and keep the height same. Make a mark on every centimeter on the top and the bottom than connect the lines. Using a ruler for fold each lines. Now just fold the paper in ZIC ZAC pattern.

         Now take the first picture and make a mark in every centimeter and cut than put no in the stripes. Repeat the same on the other pictures as well. Take the first picture and stick the 1st stripe on the thick paper.

         Starting from the right and going all the way to the right and going all the way to the left from the outer corner. Once you done sticking all of them than take the second picture and put the 1st stripe from the left and going all the way to the right from the outer corner.

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         This way you will have two pictures in 1 with 3D effect. Now stick the pictures in a frame using double sided tape. Doesn’t it look amazing? It works as a gift to give it to your loved ones and they will be surprised by your creativity as well as you can always look back at moments and joy what will matter to you and share them with people you care about.

So, Happy framing..

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