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Can’t Keep Time Your Computer ?

A pc needs a sure quantity of information to function; as an instance, the date and time, the quantity of reminiscence set up, the variety of drives and their configuration, and so forth. in the early days of computers, both the person typed in this records every time the laptop started out, or it changed into set the use of dip switches and jumpers. nowadays, computers store this data in a cmos chip that uses a small battery to retain the facts while the pc is shut off.


Cmos (complementary metallic oxide semiconductor) is sort of chip that consumes very little power; consequently, even as the computer is became off, the battery discharges very slowly. however the battery will totally discharge in case you go away your pc turned off for a yr or so. although you switch your computer on each day, the battery is designed to ultimate most effective multiple years. sometimes a battery will fail prematurely.

Ultra-modern plug-and-play computer systems can discover maximum of the essential settings, but in case your cmos battery is useless, your laptop will not be able to maintain the date and time. the laptop may also lose any custom settings, for instance, the boot collection. if you set a password in cmos, you may be locked out of the pc. if the cmos battery does fail, you would possibly acquire the message “system configuration lost” when you start the computer. it would be smart to record all the cmos settings as a precaution.

To report the cmos settings, watch for an on-screen activate while you first begin your pc. the activate tells you to press a key, typically the del or f2, to go into cmos. to enter the cmos configuration application, you need to press the indicated key whilst the message is on the screen. after the cmos configuration screen appears, comply with the instructions supplied to page thru all the monitors and report all of the settings.

In case your computer loses its time setting overnight, the cmos battery may not be maintaining a price. the cmos battery is located inside the case on the motherboard. converting the battery is mostly a task for a pc technician. in reality, a layman might not also be capable of find the battery.

In case you need to find the cmos battery in your computer, be conscious that a static discharge out of your hands can damage additives in the case. after taking right precautions, open the case and appearance at the motherboard for a battery. when you have a diagram of your motherboard, locate the battery on the diagram first.

One of a kind motherboards use exclusive forms of batteries. the battery may be fashioned like a barrel or a coin. a few motherboards use a component that resembles a chip which includes the cmos and the battery (made by way of dallas or benchmarq). batteries are available exceptional voltages, so make sure you get an exact replacement.

Sometimes the battery is set up in a holder. on occasion it is soldered to the motherboard. de-soldering and re-soldering a battery is mostly a task for a laptop technician. an green solderer can motive quite a few damage. in case you need to try to do it yourself, first practice on an obsolete circuit board. you can change your thoughts.

If the cmos battery has failed because it’s too old, this is probably an opportunity to improve your motherboard. whilst upgrading a motherboard, the most crucial concerns are to make certain the brand new motherboard is the precise shape aspect to your case, and that the brand new motherboard has the proper bus connector slots for your growth forums.

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