Enjoy First Time Motherhood
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How to enjoy first time motherhood?

The average first-time mum doesn’t fully enjoy motherhood until the baby is six months old. The most of their newborns’ precious first few months. Many mothers feel stressed as they struggle to cope with the life-changing effects of having a baby. New mothers admitted they were baffled with many aspects of motherhood, including health, illness, feeding and safety.


Besides a lots of mum cannot enjoy motherhood until their little one passed their first birthday. The loss of a social life was a big change for many mothers. They found it difficult getting used to the fact they couldn’t simply go out whenever they wanted to anymore. Whatever the fact is end of the day motherhood is one of the most precious feelings, times, passion for a women, As well as it is true that they have to face difficulties because they aren’t familiar with the situation they go through. So here I am going to share some of my experience which might help you mums to enjoy first time motherhood properly-

“Motherhood has been the biggest joy and the biggest challenge of my life.”

Sometimes it feels like the wave just keep crushing over me, and before I get up another wave comes and knock me over down. So, I decide to make a proper routine for my baby and me. This is the most important and easiest way to enjoy motherhood, because if you will maintain a routine than u will get enough time to get back to yourself which will give u pleasure. Let me share with you six of them-

  1. Start your day with praying than proper breakfast – it will help you to feel energetic for whole day.
  2. Keep your baby clean and maintain him through routine.
  3. Take your kids on outside-getting out together creates a new atmosphere and you transform into the “fun mom.” You’ll see a whole new side to your sweet kids.
  4. Take time for yourself each and every day- like when your baby get sleep or when your baby use to play by themselves that time you can properly use for yourself.
  5. Everyday try to invent something new for u and your baby, which will give you pleasure- like drawing with your baby, recite stories for your baby, do some crafting for your baby.
  6. Spend 10 minutes before bed, cleaning the house and work on getting your kids into the same habit, too. Starting with a clean house creates a stress-free atmosphere to start the next day in.

In our society most of the women’s are not able to enjoy their motherhood properly because they face difficulties in everyday life which can hamper the mental situation of a mother. This doesn’t have good impact on your child. If you cannot enjoy your motherhood your kids cannot enjoy themselves. Because these two are related with each other as like pearl and shell. Now I m going to share some of good tricks about enjoying motherhood more-

  1. Take a bath with your infant. Make sure someone is around for the handoff, so you can relax until the last minute.
  2. Try to wake up before your kids. That quite times to center you before the day begins works wonders.
  3. Put your kids to bed early to creating a peaceful end to your days, it will help break them up instead of feeling like you’re in a never-ending cycle of need-meeting.
  4. Sleep when the baby sleeps because unwell sleep can causes of bad mood. This tidbit has been passed down from generation to generation for one reason: (its good advice!)
  5. Share your feelings with your nearest and dearest one it cherish yourself.
  6. Look at your sleeping baby which give u inner peace and huge your baby too much that will give you inner peace.

If u born as a women you must feel the taste of a motherhood. This feelings isn’t comparable with anything. There were lots of sacrifices and compromises. In your motherhood you have to become so much passionate. There were two types of mother in our society- one is working moms, another one is housewife moms.

Working mom’s motherhood

working moms motherhood is totally different from housewife mothers because they need to work at least 7 to 8 hours of 6 days a week so this is very difficult to get relax time, they have both pressures of taking care themselves and baby. Working moms usually going to office early in the morning. In a sense they can enjoy motherhood only for 3 to 5 month as per maternity leave, so they usually don’t get enough time to enjoy motherhood. So, here I am going to give u some tips for working moms to enjoy their motherhood-

  1. Carrying proper meals and sneaks at your office.
  2. Take several breaks and try to be pressure free at your office.
  3. Put the brakes on multitasking-Multi-tasking is a buzzword that gets commonly attached to women.
  4. Staying in the present, focused on the role relevant to the moment, can be difficult if you’re juggling roles. So, be in the moment.
  5. Anxiety, worries, depression, and stress disorders are real mental health issues that you might face as a periodical mom with many responsibilities. So, always try to be in a good mood like laughing, joking and entertained.
  6. Enjoy every weakened with your family. Go outside, shopping and gossiping etc just do everything make you feel good. These are the few things working mom can do for enjoying their motherhood in my sense.

House wife mom’s motherhood

House wife moms usually get enough opportunity to enjoy their motherhood. They just need to make a routine which will organize their chores and give them relax from pressures of responsibilities. House wife usually get helping hands to enjoy their motherhood. They can build strong relation with their kids, they able give time to themselves. They were full time mother for their kids. They don’t need to pamper. Besides some house wife moms feel loneliness which can increase mental anxiety and make them unable to enjoy motherhood, so here I am giving you some tips for housewife moms to enjoy their motherhood well:

  1. Schedule every day are happier and less stressed than those who just, well, go with the flow.
  2. Asking for help willingly like friend who drops by for a visit to hold the little guy while you finish up some dishes.
  3. Invite your friends to spend time together it will please your mind and give you peace.
  4. Get organized for live tension free life and worried free.
  5. When your baby takes a nap, use the extra minutes to take a shower or catch up on a good book. Or finished up rest home chore if you are not exhausted.
  6. When you haven’t even had time to brush your teeth during the day, cooking a full meal for dinner is out of the question I know so alternatively u have to freeze so nutritious food. If you eat properly than u feel energetic and your mood will be good.

Learning to enjoy motherhood is sometimes as simple at finding little bits of time for YOU in the day instead of always giving yourself and your time away to others all day long. Those tips and ways of enjoying motherhood might help you to get back yourself after being mother of a kids as well as enjoying is properly.

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