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How to Ask for help | Many Effective Ways to Ask for Help

“Asking for help is not difficult, it’s easier than feeling shy”


“HOW TO ASK FOR HELP” | Make it clear that you’ve already tried to help yourself. None of us started out knowing exactly what it is that we are doing, and none of us know the right way to do everything. Kind of trite, isn’t it? Our behavior doesn’t make it look like that. So, why don’t we ask for help cause there will be an ego problem, feeling shy, rejections and so many things? But please think twice if you keep all these things inside of your heart you won’t be able to learn anything as well as you won’t achieve your goal so better be curious and asking for help.

Personally, I got over the “asking for help” problem a few years ago when I got exhausted of trying to tip-toe around all of these other people who seemed to have it all together; who seemed to have it all better than I did. Not everyone knows everything and nearly nothing in computer science is built in a vacuum. Everything stands on top of the work that other people have done. The Internet is just as much of a wasteland as it is a helpful community of other peers. The thing that helped me get over the fear of asking for help is relying on the fact that other people know more than I do and I can leverage that to my own benefit. Then, when the time comes for someone to ask me for help, I can share what I know in order to help bring them along.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t ask others for help or even just their input. Sometimes it’s not a matter of needing help, but I know I have had a case where I just develop tunnel vision. You’re so deep into this problem and stuck against a wall that you can’t see the other possible solutions – so sometimes just having someone tell you that they would approach it differently helps get you out of that rut. It’s happened to me enough times where I did the facepalm and had the “Ah hah!” moment, like, why didn’t I think of that? And it was because I was in too deep and sometimes I’m trying to resolve something in a more complex way when an easier solution is right in front of me. So I think having others there to pull each other out of that is a great help!

We all go through challenges some you can see, most you can’t, so be fearless. Cause asking for help is a strength, not weakness. The type of personalities and capabilities we each have can sometimes stop us from asking for the help we need. We get paralyzed by what the other person might think of us and therefore option to depend on our own strength. This is particularly true in the workplace. It usually happened with the newcomer in the office. Most of the newcomers feeling shy and have fears of how they will react, this might show my disabilities and etc.

There’s no shame in admitting you can’t do everything on your own. Help when we could have really used it because we didn’t want to appear weak. Don’t understand or you need assistance carrying a heavy box is a sign of strength. Here were some of the reasons why people don’t seek help when they need it:

8 Effective Ways to Ask for Help (and Get It)

  • The problem didn’t seem worth getting help for.
  • The problem is embarrassing.
  • They don’t like to talk about their feelings.
  • They use to feel shy
  • They won’t get the assistance they need.
  • Rejected by others several times.
  • If other people feel he/she is helpless.
  • Self-esteem will be flashed

Emotions like fear and pride are often at the root of the problem. Self-worth issues also prevent people from asking for help. Some people worry about admitting their shortcomings will be such a blow to their self-esteem that they will crumble.

The courage of asking for help:

Remind yourself every day that asking for help means you’re strong enough to admit that you don’t have all the answers. And that’s a real sign of strength. Whether you’re experiencing depression or anxiety, or you need more help watching the kids, it takes courage to ask for help too. If you’re pretending like you have got everything together when you don’t, you are not being mentally strong. Instead, you are just acting though, ignoring your pain, masking your weaknesses, and suppressing your emotions won’t make you any better.

The way of asking for help:

Sometimes, it’s hard to find the right way to ask for help. How do you ask your boss, neighbor, friends, and colleagues for help? It’s very simple and easy be strong and fearless and start by saying, “I’m struggling in this or that.” Those words will acknowledge them that you are having a hard time. And they will open up the dialogue to begin addressing the problem. So whether you are struggling to deal with stress and you want to start a conversation with your boss or colleague, or you are struggling to pass your college class and you want to talk to your professor, get the conversation started in a right away. So, asking for help develops the mental muscle and you need to become mentally stronger. Over time, asking for help will get easier, and the more support you will gain, the better equipped you’ll be to take on bigger challenges. From today just tried and ask! No shame only gain! And most importantlyFeel satisfied, be satisfied”!

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