How to DIY rainbow spiral tie dye an Old White T-Shirt
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How to DIY rainbow spiral tie dye an Old White T-Shirt

How to DIY rainbow spiral tie dye T-Shirt:


This guide helps you through the steps of creating a rainbow spiral tie dye T-shirt. Here are the basic supplies you will need to tie dye a T-shirt.  Things you need for doing DIY rainbow spiral tie dye are given below:

  • Plain white T-shirt
  • Fabric colours
  • Rubber bant
  • Fabric washer
  • Hand gloves

You gone a start from the middle pinching your shirt and twisting it as a knots will coming together. You gone a take it side and shape it around spiral just make sure it looks really knit and tide. Next you have to bind your T-shirt with rubber bents, four bents usually tie on the shirt but you have to make sure that all parts of the shirts has to tufted in the knot. Making a dying process a lot of less mess.

Before touch any dye you have to apply gloves on your hand to don’t see any stains in your hand, than start off with first color using in one third of your T-shirt. The size of the sections has largest lines on the spiral which will be on it.

If you don’t want any white parts in your T-Shirt make sure colors getting in  the crack before adding the third color. Color aviation adjust the first two color to make sure that they are equal.

Once the first two are equal than proceed of adding third color, all your color have to finish in the middle. So that you can get the rainbow effect that you are going for. The second side is little easier, theirs you find the guidelines to follow. Just do the same thing you did on the first side, but make sure all the color has to lined up and be careful that it doesn’t trip too much. Then put it in the plastic bag and tie up in the dry place. After 1 hour just wash it with very light fabric washer than you will get your desire colorful T-shirt. It will bring new look on your old t-shirt as well as it can be a perfect same pinch gift for your beasties.

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